Members who volunteered to join the Advisory Committee met on Thursday, 16th May to discuss the next steps forward.

The full minutes of the meeting can be found here in the Documents section.

It was agreed at the meeting to adopt the constitution model that is set out in the Deed of Conditions. For the purposes of becoming an established Owners' Association, we require a minimum of 116 votes to be cast (40% of homes). The majority vote then decides the outcome.

The Association will initially be representing the owners' within phases 1 and 2 of Stewart Milne homes, and phase 1 of Bellway homes. Once the Association is fully up and running, it can look to extend its representation to other areas of the wider development.

Once this committee is approved, the Association can then get on with addressing concerns and matters on behalf of all residents. It is the intention of the Advisory Committee to run a vote for all homeowners to approve the appointment. We will shortly be writing to all homeowners, via the factor, to invite homeowners to cast their vote online.

The members who have volunteered for the Advisory Committee are:

  • Ayo Alagbe
  • Chrissy Rooney
  • David Mair
  • Dasha Chan
  • Hazel Hutton
  • James McIntyre
  • Lhyam Sumal
  • Shareen Ali
  • William King Hay Chan

If you wish to join the Advisory Committee, please contact us.

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