About this Association

The Deed of Conditions set out the establishment for an Owners' Association. It currently does not have an Advisory Committee - a group of members that are voted at a General Meeting to organise, run and manage the Association on behalf of all members. At present, we have 9 members who have volunteered to form the Advisory Committee.

We will shortly be writing to all homeowners to inform them of this and to invite them to vote for the committee. Once this approved, our Owners' Association is formally established.

The Advisory Committee is a volunteer group made of homeowners that give their time to run the Association on behalf of all members. Anyone who is a homeowner is automatically a member of the Association and is entitled to vote.

Right now, we are proposing that members vote for the Advisory Committee. More information can be found here.

At the moment, myself, Lhyam Sumal, is posting the information. I have been frustrated with the factor and their lack of accountability around poor service and poor value for money. This is what led me to look into establishing an Owners' Association. I can be contacted by e-mail or 07772321495.

Yes! The more help the better, and the more voices, the stronger this group becomes. Please contact me or register with this site to participate. Please note, you must be an owner to be able to vote on issues.

Anyone that owns their home on the Brackenhill Park development is automatically a member of the Owners' Association. 

At present, we represent the homeowners in the Stewart Milne (phases 1 and 2) and Bellway homes (phase 1 only). However, this does not mean that we don't also respond to concerns raised by residents in other areas of the development. It is our intention that once the Association is fully up and running, we can extend our representation formally to cover the full development.

In the Deed of Conditions, the Owners' Association is set up to represent and manage the Stewart Milne development (phases 1 and 2), and that of phase 1 of the Bellway development. We do actively listen and act on concerns raised by owners and residents in other neigbouring developments, such as Bellway phase 2 and Barratt homes but we don't yet formally represent those areas. It is our intention to do this after the Association is fully established.

About the property factor

Any issues relating to the upkeep or maintenance of the estate should be raised with the factor. The factor can be contacted by phoning 0141 248 5693 or e-mailing the Property Manager. This should be directed to Murray Irvine - MIrvine@hackingandpaterson.co.uk.

In a nutshell, yes.

The factor is appointed on behalf of the development. The Deed of Conditions very clearly set out that an Owners' Association is above the factor (known as the Manager). All home owners are automatically members, including joint home owners. If 40% of members attend a meeting, or vote on proposals put forth by the Association, then the factor must act as instructed by the majority vote.

Yes. The factor is required to hold an Annual General Meeting at least once per year, and no later than 15 months of the previous AGM. The Association can put forward a motion to change, dismiss or re-tender the property factor. Meetings require a minimum of 40% of members to attend. This can be in-person or online. If there is a majority vote at the meeting, then the motion passes.

At present, the Association is not formally established. You should raise issues directly with the property factor. However, you can still make us aware of any problems and we might be able to give you some support in the meantime.

Once the Association is established, we will keep records of issues and then work with the factor to resolve concerns.

Voting Rules and Rights

If you are an owner, or a joint owner of a home, and are listed on the property's title deeds, you can vote. Only one vote can be counted per household though. If you are a joint owner, and you both vote differently, then no votes will be counted from your household.

For development matters, we require a minimum of 40% of the total number of homes to vote in order for a ballot to be recognised. This is currently 116. Once the vote is recognised, the majority vote decides the outcome. Only one vote is counted per household, even if multiple people from that household cast a vote. You shouldn't do this though as it could invalidate your household's vote altogether.

Voting can be done in person at meetings, or we can use online ballots. The Advisory Committee selects the preferred method and outlines this in its minutes and correspondence to members.

Once a vote closes and any invalidated votes are removed, the results will be published on this web site. You will usually find the results under the Documents section.


It's important that all residents on the development are aware of what an Owners' Association is doing. The purpose of this site is to share that information publicly, including those that do not use social media. This web site is not intended to replace the Facebook Group. However, it is intended for only sharing information relating to the Association's activities.

Only home owners / residents are invited to register as a member of this site to be able to take part in discussion, or to post topics of their own.

This web site uses the Voice Online Communities platform, which is free for non-profit organisations. The domain name (brackenhillpark.org.uk) was purchased by Lhyam Sumal for £6 on behalf of (the future) Owners' Association. Going forward, once the Association is properly established, this will be transferred to the Association.